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HAMPSTEAD 01992 890754


Are you searching for scaffolding companies in your area? Or scaffolding companies in Hampstead? If you are, give BG Scaffolding a call today!

BG Scaffolding have been a leading name in the scaffolding industry for 30 years, providing cutting edge scaffolding services for our Hampstead customers. Our all encompassing range of scaffolding services in Hampstead include:

  • Hoists
  • Independent Access Towers
  • Alarm systems

Our myriad of scaffolding services are available to both commercial and domestic customers alike in Hampstead. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, whatever your scaffolding needs in Hampstead might be.

Health and safety is at the top of our agenda here at BG Scaffolding. With strict government legislation that must be followed, we take all measures to ensure this is done. Measures we take include:

  • PPE such as high visibility jackets and steel toecap shoes
  • Risk assessments on all sites
  • Constant monitoring of equipment integrity

All of these measures make all of our scaffolding towers amongst the safest in Hampstead and beyond. We also constantly reassess our own internal processes so as to keep our scaffolding team and our Hampstead customers safe. We strive to display absolute professionalism on all of our scaffolding works, earning us the good reputation we have worked so hard for.

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We are the number one choice for tradesmen all over Hampstead for all of their scaffolding needs, no matter how big or small. Just give us a call and we are on hand whenever you may need us. We have spent our time in the scaffolding industry acquainting ourselves with our customers, engaging in constructive conversations and getting to know what they want, need and expect from a scaffolding service in Hampstead. All of this has given us mass amounts of word of mouth recommendations, with tradesmen coming to us for their scaffolding needs over and over again. You can leave the entirety of the scaffolding process in our capable hands. Design, erection, dismantling and removal are all dealt with professionally and with total ease. We tailor our scaffolding to our Hampstead customers’ needs, around every individual building, ensuring the best fit and the safest working conditions for all. Call BG Scaffolding in Hampstead for a free, no obligation quotation and see what benefits bespoke scaffolding has in store for you.


Experienced Scaffolders In HAMPSTEAD

BG Scaffolding take on all manner of scaffolding projects in Hampstead. Such works include:

  • Commercial Scaffolding
  • Domestic Scaffolding
  • Temporary Staircases
  • Temporary Roofs

We work with care and are extremely attentive on all of our scaffolding projects in Hampstead. This makes us one of the standout scaffolding companies in Hampstead and beyond. Our expert scaffolders with their skills, fantastic work ethic and design prowess make BG Scaffolding the ones to watch when choosing the right scaffolder in Hampstead.

Affordable Scaffolders For All Of Your Scaffolding Needs in HAMPSTEAD

Scaffolding For Builders, Painters And Other Contractors

Scaffolding is used by tradesmen such as painters and decorators to make for the safest possible working environment. Household decoration is not something people would think of as a purpose for scaffolding in Hampstead, however, it really does hold endless benefits. If you want to work at a faster pace, strain yourself less and keep your home facilities freely available, then a small scaffold could be the way forward for you when decorating your Hampstead home. Give BG Scaffolding in Hampstead a call today and we can give you more information, provide a quotation on scaffolding services and give you the service we are so well renowned for.

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HAMPSTEAD 01992 890754