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HACKNEY 01992 890754


When you’re searching for “Scaffolding companies in Hackney” or “Scaffolding services in my area”, be sure to stop when you find BG Scaffolding in Hackney.

Having over 30 years’ experience in the scaffolding industry, we are well practiced in producing high quality work for our Hackney customers. Our reputation precedes us when it comes to fantastic customer service and tailored scaffolding. We offer a full scope of scaffolding services for both commercial and domestic customers which include:

  • Hoists
  • Independent Access Towers
  • Alarm systems

Just give BG Scaffolding in Hackney a call and we will be happy to come and see to all of your scaffolding needs.

We are hugely proud of our strict health and safety protocols. Scaffolding can be dangerous when not handled, erected or dismantled properly. That’s why we adhere to government legislation at all times. Such regulations include PPE, harnesses for working from height etc. With our health and safety laws being among the strictest in Europe, we deal with all of our scaffolding projects in Hackney with the highest levels of professionalism and all scaffolding is individually tailored to each building, making for the safest possible working environment for all.

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For scaffolders in Hackney, we are the ones to come to. We deal with both commercial and domestic customers’ scaffolding projects and are expert in tailored scaffolding projects in Hackney and the surrounding areas. Call us when you need us and we’ll be there to cater to all of your scaffolding needs in Hackney.

Over 30 years of effective communication with our customers, understanding their expectations and adopting the latest scaffolding practices means we can truly give our Hackney customers what they want and need. All of this makes us completely different to other scaffolders in Hackney. We take care of everything for our Hackney customers. The whole scaffolding process is dealt with, from design, erection, dismantling and removal. Once you’ve experienced the fantastic service that BG Scaffolding in Hackney has to offer, you’ll never go anywhere else for your scaffolding needs in Hackney. We are absolute experts in what we do and give you scaffolding expertly fitted specifically to your project, every time. Call us today and we can give you a free, no obligation quotation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as to what we can offer you.



BG Scaffolding embark upon a scope of scaffolding services in Hackney including:

  • Commercial Scaffolding
  • Domestic Scaffolding
  • Temporary Staircases
  • Temporary Roofs

We work meticulously on all of our scaffolding projects in Hackney. Our attentive, bespoke scaffolding work in Hackney has resulted in word of mouth spreading about our superior scaffolding services in Hackney and the customer service that comes with it. We aim to be the best in the scaffolding industry and an example to other scaffolding companies in Hackney. So, call BG Scaffolding today for the service you deserve.

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Scaffolding is a seemingly unlikely, yet widely used means of assisting with household decoration in Hackney. If using scaffolding isn’t something you have thought of using to assist with your household decorating in Hackney, perhaps it’s about time you did. It gives you the means to keep all of your decorating equipment in one place. Another advantage is that you do not have to strain yourself, making your work more accurate. These are just some of the reasons why painters and decorators use scaffolding to assist them in their work – to minimise inconvenience – for both themselves and for you. Call BG Scaffolding today and see how we can make hard work easy.

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01992 890754

HACKNEY 01992 890754

01992 890754