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ENFIELD 01992 890754


“Scaffolding services near me” will bring up every single scaffolding service in Enfield and beyond. You may not necessarily find the best. Once you’ve found BG Scaffolding in Enfield, everything changes.

BG Scaffolding in Enfield have developed a full repertoire of scaffolding services over their 30 years in the scaffolding industry. With fully qualified scaffolders offering hoist, full scaffolding towers and alarm systems, that’s just the start. Our full range of scaffolding services in Enfield really is something to behold. You won’t want, or, need to go anywhere else for any of your scaffolding needs in Enfield. Every single one of our scaffolding team have had health and safety training to high levels and there is always extra training available. Our scaffolding team are always sure to adhere to health and safety regulations, such as using the right equipment and wearing sufficient PPE. Not only does this keep them safe, it keeps our Enfield customers safe too.

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If you are looking for a scaffolding team who are resolute in what they do and offer the best service to both commercial and domestic customers in Enfield, then BG Scaffolding are the ones to call. We have become industry experts over the last 30 years through customer liaison, feedback and extensive training, giving us the capability to provide the best scaffolding service to our Enfield customers. Through all of this hard work, we have earned a reputation which has not only given us a good name, but word of mouth has spread about the high calibre of service we provide in Enfield, meaning we are number one choice for the many, yet to be discovered by the few. So, call BG Scaffolding and see for yourself the amazing scaffolding service we provide both commercial and domestic customers in Enfield.


Experienced Scaffolders In ENFIELD

Through extensive training and years of scaffolding experience, BG Scaffolding provide domestic and commercial services such as temporary staircases and roofs, all with tight and secure structures. This is all done using expert techniques, giving you optimum safety. We put scaffolding up as we would expect to have it ourselves. No compromises. We have a keen eye for detail and a perfectionist’s attitude. Mistakes are not on the agenda for BG Scaffolding. We tailor all scaffolding to each individual building in Enfield, meaning you get the best fit, highest safety standards and minimum disruption to your daily routine.

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Have you ever thought that you could use a small piece of scaffolding to help you decorate your Enfield home? If not, then you are not alone. It is a well utilised method of working by trades such as painters and decorators due to its safer working conditions than other equipment such as ladders. There’s less risk of injury due to falling or back problems due to repeated bending down for paint and equipment. You can have everything with you on your small scaffold. It even means you can work quicker, with no straining and reaching out to complete those finer details to your work. All this resulting in faster work and getting your Enfield home back to normal that bit quicker. With a tailored scaffold from BG Scaffolding in Enfield, your decorating project is set for success. Call BG Scaffolding in Enfield today for a free, no obligation quotation and let’s get you started!

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ENFIELD 01992 890754