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EAST LONDON 01992 890754


If you are looking for a reputable scaffolding company near you, or a scaffolding company you can trust in East London, look no further than BG Scaffolding.

We have been working in the scaffolding industry for over 30 years, having built our good name on superior design and outstanding customer service. Our reputation precedes us when it comes to scaffolding services in East London. With professionalism and hard work, we have become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to scaffolding in East London. We provide plethoric scaffolding services all over East London and beyond. Just some of these services include alarm systems, towers and hoist. All of our East London scaffolding team take the hardest possible line on health and safety matters. That’s why all of our scaffolders are trained to the highest level and follow health and safety guidelines on all work they carry out. There’s no such thing as half measures with BG Scaffolding.

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BG Scaffolding are the one true choice for all of your scaffolding needs in East London. With the full range of scaffolding services we provide our customers and the never faltering professionalism we provide them with, the best is readily available to you with BG Scaffolding in East London. Both commercial and domestic customers are able to come to us for scaffolding services and have done for many years. Over those years, we have learned a lot about what our customers expect from the whole scaffolding process from start to finish. From design through to erection and removal – we understand and take care of all your scaffolding needs in East London. We are ready to take your call now and to send a team of qualified, professional scaffolders to come out to you in East London and carry out any scaffolding work you may need. With free no obligation quotations, you’ll see just how competitive our prices really are.



BG Scaffolding are here in East London to get all your scaffolding work done, regardless as to its size. We take on the responsibility of designing, erecting and dismantling your scaffolding for you. This means you have one less thing to worry about when carrying out any construction projects in East London. Through word of mouth in East London and beyond, our superior scaffolding skills have earned us trust and acclaim from both domestic customers and commercial traders alike. With our keen eye for detail and design, you’re sure to have scaffolding to fit your building perfectly, causing minimal disruption to your daily routine.

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There are other uses for scaffolding that people may not have thought have in the past. One of these is household decoration. Painters and decorators in East London frequently use scaffolding in a bid to make their jobs quicker. Although not the first thing people would think of as a means of helping them decorate their homes. All of your equipment in one place, less climbing up and down ladders. So, you get the job done quicker and you won’t even be as tired at the end of the day. Call BG Scaffolding and they can tell you how scaffolding can help you on both commercial and domestic work in East London.

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EAST LONDON 01992 890754