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BEXLEY 01992 890754


If you looking for a reliable and durable scaffolding for your building project in Bexley, call BG Scaffolding. All scaffolds are designed around your project by expert scaffolders. This means that whatever the shape, your scaffold will fit perfectly

BG Scaffolding in Bexley have over 20 years’ experience in scaffolding for both commercial and domestic projects of all sizes. All members of our scaffolding team are qualified to the highest standard, and nurture your project like their own. We take pride in our work, and our customer satisfaction rate reflects that.

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Regardless as to the complexity of your project, get in touch with us for scaffolding in Bexley. Whether it be for a small, simple project such as removal of a chimney right through to restoration of listed buildings, call us and we can offer you a quotation with no obligation. We have vast expertise in scaffolding for roofing, loft conversions and other domestic projects.

Health and safety is paramount in all building works. Building restoration companies have a heightened awareness in this. Damage to a building always has the potential to be irreparable or causing a change to the fundamental character or structure of a building. This, in turn means that the scaffolding has to be bespoke to the shape of the building, so you can use your facilities as normal. This is an issue we’ve encountered many times, and we’ve never failed to overcome it.



There are times when you just can’t take any risks with a building. If you’re a building restoration company, you’ll know all about this. Any damage to this sort of building could well be irreparable or cause a change to the fundamental character of the structure. This means you’re going to have to be more careful than ever – no margin for errors. This in turn means that the scaffolding has to be perfectly designed and constructed so that you can work and so that the scaffold itself doesn’t damage the structure. This is a problem that we’ve tackled a lot over the years, and we’ve never had a problem yet!

Affordable Scaffolders For All Of Your Scaffolding in BEXLEY

Scaffolding For Builders, Painters And Other Contractors

At BG Scaffolding in Bexley, we cater to the needs of many service providers including:

  • Builders
  • Painters
  • Roofers

We are the trusted scaffolders for projects varying in size, both proactively, and reactively. In Bexley, we pride ourselves on being able to help when other scaffolding companies can’t. Our Scaffolding is the most secure that you will find in Bexley – at a price you’ll be hard pressed to beat.

Scaffolding made to the specifications of your project. Call your expert scaffolders on
BEXLEY 01992 890754

BEXLEY 01992 890754