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How do you make sure that your scaffolding isn’t going to fall apart?

If you’re working up on a scaffold, you’re not going to want to take any chances with safety! Similarly, you don’t want debris falling down on people passing by! So, you’re going to need to make sure that your scaffolding is secure, that there are no unstable areas and even that it’s in an appropriate place – if you know there’s some risk of falling debris or sparks, erecting a scaffold above a public footpath is a very bad idea! We can save you a lot of grief and make sure that everything’s well with our scaffolding inspection service.

What does scaffolding inspection involve?

Because a scaffold has a lot of elements and many potential problems, there are quite a few aspects to the inspection. These will include an examination of the structure’s integrity, its proximity to the public, its suitability for purpose and an assessment as to whether specialised scaffolding has been safely designed. Because we ourselves create scaffolding to suit all kinds of building, we are in a perfect position to offer an expert, qualified opinion on the safety of any scaffolding – and any corrections which need to be made to the structure.

Your Safety Certificate

Once an inspection is complete, we’ll complete a report and a Safety Certificate. This is legally recognised evidence which proves that your scaffolding is safe to use. It includes diagrams and extensive notes, including details of any improvements that have been recommended and carried out. By giving you this document we ensure that should there be an accident, you cannot be accused of negligence in this regard.

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01992 890754

01992 890754