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EPPING 01992 890754

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When you start your search for “scaffolding services in my area” or “Scaffolding in Epping”, there will be one choice that gives you the best every time without fail. That choice is BG Scaffolding in Epping.

Over our 30 years in the scaffolding industry, BG Scaffolding in Epping have built an outstanding repertoire of scaffolding services which include:

  • Alarm systems
  • Scaffolding Towers
  • Hoists

Our scaffolding services are enough to impress even the most skilled of tradesmen and as such, tradesmen in Epping come to us over and over again for their scaffolding needs. All of our Epping  scaffolding team are fully qualified in their trade and also have full health and safety training. At BG Scaffolding in Epping, we fully understand and appreciate the importance of health and safety adherence. This means all of our scaffolders wear full PPE on site at all times and full health and safety training is undertaken before they work on any of our scaffolding projects in Epping. This means that everyone on site is safe at all times.

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Our scaffolding services are available to both commercial and domestic customers in Epping. Over the last 30 years we have built a reputation for being a committed, knowledgeable and competent scaffolding company, liaising with our customers in Epping right the way through the scaffolding process – from design through to erection and removal. Whilst the modern world of the internet has helped people learn about BG Scaffolding in Epping, word of mouth has provided us the best feedback and people come to us over and over again for their scaffolding needs in the Epping area and beyond. All of this makes us an undeniable choice for your scaffolding requirements in Epping.


Affordable Scaffolding In EPPING

Temporary roofs and staircases are just some of the short term scaffolding services we offer our customers at BG Scaffolding in Epping. With our scaffolders being highly trained in erecting bespoke, secure and durable structures, designed to withstand all weathers, BG Scaffolding offer the highest levels of safety in Epping. We never compromise on quality or safety. We always use advanced techniques to make your scaffolding as stable and as safe as can be. Each scaffolding structure is individually tailored to the building it surrounds. This means you get the best fit and even more peace of mind that you will be safe when working from height.

Affordable Scaffolders For All Of Your Needs in EPPING


Scaffolding also has other unlikely uses that don’t necessarily come the the forefront of peoples’ minds. One such use is for household decoration. Painters and decorators frequently use small scaffolding structures to ensure maximum productivity on their projects in Epping. It eliminates the need for the excess use of ladders, as all of your equipment is right there by your side, meaning you can work at a faster rate, maintaining the highest levels of quality. We also offer free no obligation quotations. So, get in touch with BG Scaffolding today to find out more about the benefits of scaffolding and how it can make your working life more productive and stress free.

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01992 890754